Bolton Power Equipment offers the "Listeroid", a truly serious system for "Off Griders" and "Preppers", or anyone who wants a reliable and independant power source. Don't just wait for carbon taxes and the sudden increase in your power bills. Are you going to be prepared for this? Are you going to be able to keep your home heated and lit? Now is the time to prepare with one of our Listeroid platforms. These generators have a 50,000 hr. sleeved engine that defines simplicity. Hook one of these machines up to a 275 gallon tank an it will run for about 3 months, 8 hours per day at load. Try that with one of those "Home Center" specials. We wouldn't..

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These incrediblly tough generators used in many parts of the world that have NO municipal power. They ARE the power company. When it comes to generators BOLTON POWER should be your FIRST Call.

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Our systems are sold ready to configure with your powerhead or with the powerhead supplied by us.We supply the Listeroid with electric start, water pump, oil pressure gauge (for twins) and numerous upgrades like forged steel cranks, cylinder liners and epoxy painted crankcases and steel mounting frame. The system is ready mount on your footing and to attach to your cooling system. The cooling system can be either a radiator or a reservoir. The unit is then ready for the power head and control systems of your choice, AC or DC. We can deliver locally or ship it to you in the crate. These Listeroids are offered in 1 or 2 cylinder versions. E.G. a 10/1 is a 10 Hp unit with a single cylinder (new config does not include radiator). Our AC powerhead kits include; a Stamford brushless 4 pole alternator, custom made pulleys, belts and monitoring consoles. The pricing listed here includes a Listeroid , FOB Bolton, MA. The power head kits are priced separately.

Listeroid Powered Standalone Generator
New Style 10/1 Listeroid on Frame
Price (FOB Bolton Ma)
6/1 (4 KW output)
10/1 (6.5 KW output)
12/1 (9 KW output)
20/2 (12 KW output)
24/2 (15 KW output)
(6/1) 5 KW Power Head Kit
(10/1) 7.5 KW Power Head Kit
(12/1) 10 KW Power Head Kit
(20/2) 15 KW Power Head Kit
(24/2) 20 KW Power Head Kit
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